FAQ > Rolling / Folding your floor

Folding the floor is a little tricky the first couple of times. You will fold the floor like so:

__/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ ... each crease comes forward to the front like a Chinese fan -

ending up with a long strip that is about 5' x 70' (for a 50'x70' floor). Most people go the 70 foot way because they use the seams as a guide for folding. Then you roll it up from the end. It can be done with 6 people, but obviously, the more people you have helping, the better. The final result looks like a tall cinnamon roll on its side. It fits in a box that's about 4x4x3.

Some advice to keep the "roll" small: As you fan fold, try to keep air out of the folds. One method is to keep the crease very low to the ground as you pull it forward. All helpers should be pushing out air the WHOLE time you are folding to make sure you don't get bubbles trapped in the tarp. When you have the 4'x70' strip, you can walk on it to get more air out and/or use a big push broom.

You can keep the shipping box for storage, but most folks just buy a little cart (aka "platform truck") and tie the tarp down to the cart with some rope and keep it in a closet somewhere. We have info about carts in our online FAQ.

P.S. Sorry for the spelling errors... the image above is a scan of an old document... a pain to fix. But you know pannel=panel and accordian=accordion. And now you know that WE know, so it's all gravy.


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