The following are some things to consider when you are ready to paint your floor:

Materials to have on hand

  • masks (fume protection)
  • gloves (overspray/chemical protection)
  • big paint buckets if you are mixing or rolling paint
  • 10-12 small objects to weight the perimeter if you are outside
  • rags, broom(s) and/or mop(s) for prep
  • a bucket with water & a little dish soap
  • paint and associated supplies


Our floors are very easy to clean. Use a minimum of water when prepping the floor because the floor has to be absolutely dry when you paint - not even moist! This procedure is recommended even for a new floor to ensure a good clean surface for the paint.

  1. Sweep the floor to remove surface dirt and dust.
  2. Wipe dirty areas with a very mild solution of lukewarm water and mild dishsoap. No Windex, bleach, ammonia or other harsh detergents. Do not scrape or scrub.
  3. Rinse off the soap with a minimum of water, using damp rags or mops.
  4. Dry thoroughly before painting.
  5. Consider taping down large sheets of banner paper under the perimeter of the floor before painting to protect the area from overspray.

Things to think about

  • Safety first! Consult the paint manufacturer's instructions and follow all safety precautions. Paint is a combustible chemical that can do serious damage to the lungs, skin and internal organs if not handled properly.

  • Fumes: Paint in a very large building if possible; outdoors is the 2nd best choice because of wind.  If you are painting in a gym, use the vent fans, open the doors, and bring your own fans to help alleviate the fumes.  You will want to invest in masks for everyone involved and consider health factors such as asthma and allergies.

  • NO smoking anywhere near the paint site!!!

  • Prep: Moisture (or wetness), dirt and/or debris on the tarp will show up as imperfections when you paint the floor. It's worth the time you will take to properly prep the floor.


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